COPD is a disease where your lungs are destroyed. Breathlessness is an early sign.

Most COPD is caused by smoking – quitting is the best way to prevent it.

COPD is the fifth biggest killer in the UK and most cases are caused by smoking. Sufferers describe it as feeling like they are suffocating. Feeling short of breath, a chronic cough and wheezing are early signs – and these can appear from middle age onwards.

The likelihood of developing COPD increases the more you smoke and the longer you’ve smoked for. But even if you have COPD, quitting smoking can bring massive improvements to the way you feel and to your health.

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Worried about COPD and want to find out more?

If you have symptoms that you are concerned about, talk to your GP. The British Lung Foundation also has lots of support and advice on its website and has local support groups. Visit their website or phone the national helpline 03000 030 555

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